So stupid it’s true

Two stories tie into one moment of ‘Seriously? He did WHAT!?’ The first is about the things corporate America makes you do. The second is about the things you make corporate America do in return. They end with the answer to ‘Why did the main office get a new microwave?’

So about six months ago I took an online class in Security Awareness. It was so blindingly obvious to anyone with common sense, that without reading the manual, I scored 100% and got kudos from my bosses. Seriously, not hard. Took me all of ten minutes to take a class that was billed as four hours. The questions were around the style of ‘Do you violate policy to make your life easier? Y/N.’ I’m sure most of you are looking at this and rolling your eyes. So did I. In fact. I never actually read the manual at all! Until today.

Why today?

About a week ago, while headed to the main building for something or another, I saw a maintenance guy taking a microwave to the main building (or one of them, there are a couple in the same area). I didn’t think of it at the time until today.

Again, why today?

We get an email today about ‘Safe disposal of electronic media’ which I don’t read. I know, it’s bad of me, but we have a CD shredder in the office, and I know to turn all hard drives into Corp. Security when they need to be wiped, using a big giant magnet. Also that’s not something I ever have to do, but I figured it was good to know. But this morning, my coworker starts guffawing over the email, so I pull it up.

The online security awareness training listed some examples of securely disposing of information stored on digital media. PLEASE NOTE that the directions to microwave CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives and other electronic media, including but not limited to cell phones, PDAs and floppy disks IS NOT a safe or recommended method of disposal.

I start laughing and tell everyone that I know why we got a new microwave.