Lifestream Progress

Progress has been made! So far I’ve got WordPress hooked into LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook.

One Ring to Bind Them
The very last step was actually the first step. I had to answer ‘How do I keep track of it all without having to log into 3 places?’ That came with Lifestream, a WordPress plugin. By using that, I was able to make a page I jokingly called “Social Disease”. Using that, I can actually import everything my friends are doing into one page. That said, after I went through the effort of setting all that up, it’s not actually what I want. Who knew? Instead what I want was to be able to follow everyone my way. Which means on RSS.

For a while now I’ve been using NewsGator, since it lets me pass through credentials to private RSS feeds (which Google does not). It also has an iPhone App. As much as I like the Benevolent Overlord that is Google, NewsGator’s just simple, clean and fast for an RSS reader. It even has desktop clients, so I can keep desktop and web in sync, though I find I use NewsGator more and more than any one-computer based Feeding. Maybe if I built a feeder of my own into Ipstenu, so I could log in and see everything … but that’s another day

Integration is the name of the game! Once I dumped the idea of ‘where to keep track’ into RSS, I was left with the (slightly) more simple issue of how to update everything at once.

LJ integration is as done as it’s getting. I’m not going to fuss with it, since the only wish-list I have is for importing LJ comments into the correct WP entry, and that’s a pipe dream. So we’ve got WordPress crossposting to LiveJournal via LJXP. Check!

Twitter is done, officially, now that I found Andrea Vascellari’s Comments via Twitter pipe. The problem I had was that while you could see my tweets, no one’s replies showed up. This is something that really should be part and parcel in Twitter, an RSS feed would cover it. Also I wanted to bring tweets to my blog (as you see on my pretty sidebar) and update my tweets with my blog posts. That one is thanks to Alex King’s Twitter Tools. So now I have WordPress cross posting to twitter AND Twitter being noted on WordPress.

Facebook! My blog posts get cross posted to my FaceBook wall now via Wordbook. Wordbook uses a FaceBook ‘app’ that magically updates my Wall, but what it didn’t do was update my blog when I changed my FaceBook Status. That came with Brian’s Status Press Widget. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a handy way for me to update my Status without popping in to FaceBook itself, but I think I can live with that. I have a RSS feed for my friends status, and while I’d like one for my wall, it apparently can be done, but I’ll have to try it from home when I can actually get into FaceBook. Firewalls.

MySpace and LinkedIn I’ve decided can go to hell. I hate MySpace. FaceBook at least is clean, and MySpace is like GeoCities. I hated GeoCities. Nice idea, but fugly. And LinkedIn, well, I’m not sure what I think of it at all yet. FaceBook for professionals, I guess, but it’s weird. And it’s not for my personal blogs.