Lifestream Nightmare

One of the holy grails of my blogging life is the simplicity of linking up all those stupid social sites into one, simple, place where I can log in, tell folks what I’m doing, and everyone from Facebook to MySpace to Twitter gets an update. Also, that one place will collect all my various replies and updates my friends have, so I can go if I want to, but not if I don’t want to.


I use Twitter Tools to crosspost my posts here with Twitter, and Live Journal Crossposting is working pretty well. But what about Facebook? Really what I want is a way for me to post here, and have it update to Facebook and Twitter (and MySpace I suppose) and then to come back here and update me with comments.

I suspect half my problem is that I can’t figure out where everything is in Facebook anymore. I don’t get this whole ‘Wall’ thing, so when I want to have my blog cross posted to my wall … where does it go!?

I really do hate this. I want my friends to find me wherever they find to play, but I don’t actually want to have to have six million places to remember to update.