Beta Testing

So I slapped up WordPress 2.7 here just to see what it was like and to see how much work was going to be needed to integrate it with my other sites when the time comes.


There’s a minor hitch when it comes to finding everything I want, but the left-side menu with drop downs is a lot faster than the old way!

While I was at it, I optimized my site for xhtml and css, so I’m now compliant. My next task is to go through all the old posts and clean up the tags. I managed to pull this off on my other site, and I came up with four blanket categories, and then I used tags to sort things more finely. The blanket ‘categories’ for a personal site are a little harder, so I’m hesitant at hashing that out yet. But I’m sure after goofing around for a while, I’ll figure something out.