The Simple Designs

Tartar control cat food. it works, much to my shock. My older cat has bad tartar, and her vet says I should brush her teeth. Yeah, take a moment there. Have you ever tried to do that? Brush a cat’s teeth. Right, so when you’re done laughing, come back here.

Brushing the tan beasty’s teeth twice to three times a week is worse than trimming her nails every three weeks. Her face, and the fangs, are RIGHT THERE and she’s rarely happy about it. Trimming I can wrap her in a towel. Brushing is just hard. And yet I do it. Two to three times a week.

And then I found Science Diet’s Tartar Control Cat Food.

I wondered what was in it. i wondered what magic chemical they found that cats ate and yet they were safe with, that ate the enzymes of tartar. I wondered why it didn’t exist for humans!

Naturally I bought it and brought it home and learned it’s secret.

The kibble bits are the size of marbles.

Normally cat food is about the size of the erasers on your pencil. This was the size of dog food.

And, the logic of it was brilliant. The cat can’t swallow it whole, and thus she must chew the god damn food, breaking up the tartar!

Can you believe how easy it is?

Oh, yes, and it works.