Flashback to the 80s

When I was 12, I went with my mother to Paris. We did not see the Louvre, but we went to the modern art museum and saw Monet. My two memories of that day are seeing Waterlillies for the first time and of singing L’oncle Max to the tune of Frere Jaques. Waterlillies was entrancing and amazing and to this day my favorite Monet work. I loved the story behind it as well as the feeling it gave off. That you could have a whole day just in a few rooms (few! hah!) of paintings. It was a mastery, the likes of which, I suddenly realized, I was surrounded by. The Masters indeed.

Years later, I moved to Chicago and when I was broke, would spend my Tuesdays at the Art Museum, wandering around and finding art in unexpected places. American Gothic, for example. Georgia O’Keefe encompasses a stairwell. It was art, and I had found it.

Today I’m revisiting a bit of the 80s in a weird way. I’m re-reading a comic saga called Crisis on Infinite Earths. All you yahoos, shut it. DC is revisiting it in their own way, with the story Infinite Crisis. I’m not going to try and explain the Multiverse because we’re about to head out on a trip, but let’s just say I feel a re-read of the 80s may help me keep track of what’s going on today.