A Night at the Movies

Night of the Living Voters

In Chicago they say “Vote early and often.” This Fall, they’re taking it literally. Simple Chicago working class natives, John Burke (Jason Lee) and his best friend Tom Zane (Diedrich Bader) both work hard on in-city construction. Come November, they’re faced with the worst day of their lives: The dead have come back and there’s only one thing on their mind. Voting! Irate with the way their deaths have been capitalized upon by corrupt politicians, Chicago is filled with zombies who want to cast their ballot for the candidate they believe in. Now John and Tom must make the toughest decision in their lives. Do they save the politicians or help the zombies?


After a new referendum is passed where the president and vice president are elected separately, a surprise gaff in the polling system elects die hard Republican William Richards (Craig T. Nelson) as president. His vice president is non-other than Independent candidate Marty Feinstein (George Carlin), court-martialed five times in the army, and self-admitted drug user. How can these opposition party members work together and save the USA from economic disaster. Will President Richards approve VP Feinstein’s proposal to make pot smoking a misdemeanor? Will Feinstein’s sit in on the White House lawn, opposing the war give the President a heart attack? What can make these men come together?


A freak twister knocks out the polling places in Ubank, Kansas, killing the polling Judges. In a fit of inter-party teamwork, Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians must team together to collect enough vehicles to transport everyone to the next town standing. Along the battle trail, the mismatched throng finds despair, pain and even love before they reach Topeka, collecting more survivors along the way. Lead by the Socialist mailman (Brad Garrett), the small town of 80 face insurmountable odds as they battle the inclement weather and each other while trying to prove to America that we’re all the same, no matter who we vote for.

President Gussy

Many times, when their husbands have died before election, stalwart wives have stepped up to the plate to fill in. When Democratic nominee and popular, quadriplegic, candidate Phillip Smith (Christopher Reeve in his last film appearance) is killed by a train derailment, his widow Gertrude “Gussy” Smith (Judy Dench) declares herself the candidate. With the sympathy of the nation behind her, Gussy holds firm to her Liberal beliefs and wins the hearts of scientists everywhere with her support of stem cell research and free WiFi for all schools. It’s a landslide victory for President Gussy, but her trials are only just beginning when the Senate pushes for more involvement in the burgeoning war in Asia.