What’s your verb?

If you’ve seen the movie Shrek, then you may remember the beginning when Princess Fiona acts exactly like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, and is all prissy and … well, princessy. That’s how she’s supposed to act. Huffy, hoighty-toighty, and like a princess. Fine, whatever. That was why I was always Han Solo when I was kid. But I digress.

Laura and I play the same sort of games (at times we online game together, if at all possible). On game we play on has the ‘rule’ of ‘Every player MUST respect every other player AS a human being. Otherwise, get the fuck out.’ Most of the time, this works great, and people will bitch a little in public, TPTB come in and whap them for being a dork, and they’ll back down and grow up. Most of the time. As we all know, there are exceptions.

About a year ago, my friend Laura came to me with a problem with another gamer who seemed to be oblivious to the phrases ‘let’s drop it’ and ‘why don’t we just agree to disagree.’ Everything Laura said was a personal attack, every time Laura tried to back up her logic with things she’d learned, the other game whined and bitched about how stupid Laura was. Now, Laura is a learned person, smart and sassy, but smart enough to aim her sass correctly. The other gamer is educated beyond his intelligence, and it shows.

After this bitchfest (which ended with some threats from the GM about respecting people and what they do to idiots), Laura turns to me and says ‘I’m sorry about dumping this crap in your lap, just because StupidGamer’s having a Huffy Princess Day.’

And I laughed so hard that my ribs hurt.

That was the perfect description. That was exactly what that Gamer was being. He was Molly Ringwald, he was every single stuck up, wicked snide stupid princess in the world.

And unlike Fiona from Shrek, he didn’t have a good, ogre side.

So about a month or so later, I’m in a meeting with my new boss (this was back when Mentor was in the hospital for not-cancer), and she suggests we make a major cosmetic change to a system. I say ‘Sure, if you don’t mind all the users calling up with Huffy Princess Days because things look different.’ She blinked at me and giggled. Two weeks later, she tells her boss (also our manager) ‘we can make the change, but it’ll cause some Huffy Princess Days.’ Now, my boss blushed and then I explained, ‘It’s a term we use to describe when a user is upset because things have changed.’ Our manager smiled and said she liked it, but it would have to stay out of use, because the users might get huffy about it. We snickered and moved on.

Still, every now and then I hear someone at the office complain and say ‘And he was SUCH a huffy princess to me!’

So there you are, Laura. Corporate America has embraced your verbage.