Something Peculiar

Steve Martin, kind of funny. I’ve always liked his humor, not as much as some people, but enough that I will keep an eye on him and giggle. Calling Queen Latifah ‘Sequel Money’ was cute. Having the grace to laugh when Mickey Rooney mocked him was wonderful. A lot of his act is boring shtick, but Steve Martin was able to handle the up and down tensions of the night with deft skill. So points for him.

The Pianist, good/sad movie. I’m glad it won for what it was and what it did, and yay for Roman Polanski. I’d just re-read Helter Skelter (do not read that book at night), and after they mentioned him I asked Ipstenit ‘They mean Sharon Tate’s husband? He’s still alive?’ Apparently so. He’s a bit of a recluse when it comes to the award shows, not that I can blame him.

Most people avoid the shows because of the Rivers ladies. I actually can’t bash them. First, my mom knows them. Second, I know they’re not as gross as their character personas leave people to believe. Now Anna Nicole Smith is that icky. Third, I actually like them. That probably means my taste will forever be suspect to many people who know me, but y’know what, I know Joan’s a ditz and Melissa’s bland. I find the fact the Melissa knows all the celebs pretty impressive. She rarely seems to need a cheat sheet to get her through the runs. Joan can’t tell the younger set apart (neither can I half the time), but she’s willing to debase herself for a laugh and she’s upfront about being ‘enhanced.’ Between the two, I smile a lot. So yeah, I often watch the Red Carpet shows just to see them.

So what sucks about the Oscars?

Oh come off it, you knew this was coming.

What sucks are the speeches.

Yeah, you knew that was coming too.

Ipstenit ranted about how the actors/directors/etc should shut up about the war at the award shows. I agreed on principle, though I am often glad that people who are noticed take advantage of that fishbowl to reverse it and make people listen to them. That said, I do wish they’d do a bit more research before snarking. Yes, I’m talking about Michael Moore, from Bowling for Columbine fame.

At the beginning of the show, Steve Martin bantered on about how actors ar diverse. They can be skinny or thin, straight (Harrison Ford) or gay (Jack Nicholson). They can be Democrats …

And there in lies the problem. Most actors are liberal thinking people. Not all of them went to college, and not all of them are well educated. Not that they’re all stupid. If they all shot off their mouths without thinking, fewer would have jobs. The thing of it is, this one guy at the Oscars basically ranted at Dubya. Now, I don’t like Dubya at all. I didn’t vote for him, I think he’s educated past his ability to comprehend, and he’s not a very charismatic leader. His father was. Dubya’s apple fall from Bush’s tree looks like it knocked common sense out of him.

I do not object to the war as such. We’ve finally got some proof that, possibly, Iraq had chemical weapons plants. Also, for the last ten years, Iraq has basically mocked the UN’s policies and regulations. Fine, I’m not saying Sadaam’s a fuckup, he is. He’s not evil, though. He’s an opportunist. And more importantly, I wish to heaven and back we’d been able to let the UN Weapons Inspectors find the chemical plants. I don’t want to fight a war for oil, I don’t want to have to fight a war at all.

On stage, after winning the award for documentary, Michael Moore brought up all the documentarists up and proceeded to lash out against George W. Bush. Oh yeah, and the way. As he’d walked up to the stage, he’d received a standing ovation. He was cheered, he was loved, because his documentary was a wonderful work. He touched on the why of our troubled youths, not to sound all Very Special Episode, and he made you understand that we’re making our kids violent. He had the audience in the palm of his hand, and proceeded to crap in his own Easter Basket.

“We are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush.”

Fine. Be against the way, but be against it in a way that doesn’t make you look like a ranting knucklehead. Of course we’re against the war! No one wants to die and very few people actually want to kill other people. And I’m with you that we shouldn’t be going to war, but damn it, we’re AT war, and while I’m all for protesting the means by which we went to war, I’m not naive enough to place the blame solely on Dubya.

Congress, I’m looking at you. There’s only one of you with whom I’d shake hands today. Senator Russ Feingold.

Have shame on our elected officials for insisting on unilateral military action without proving imminent threat to the United States. Shame on us for electing them. Go out and protest their choices, it’s your right as an American. But for goodness sake, please do it intelligently and with though. Don’t rant and rave. Be educated. If you can only use simple words, use them to the best of your ability. Show that you’ve thought about this and have reasoned to the best of your mental capacity.

I agree on principle. We shouldn’t be at war. We should have been able to come to some peaceful solution. We failed. Shame on all of us. Now let’s hope that as few people die as possible. Let’s protest the fact that we went to war peacefully, explain why we feel it to be wrong.

i’ll probably come up with something more eloquent later on.

On a tangent, ABC is coming up with a comedy called ‘Mr. & Mr. Nash’, about a gay who are couple are professional designers by day and amateur private eyes by night. My show premise is ‘Mac and the girls on the fourth floor’, about a computer consultant named Mac who’s work life is filled with the normal trials and tribulations of corporate America, while his home life is smothered by a well meaning aunt who thinks he’s gay. In fact, everyone thinks Mac’s gay, and he’s just too darn nice to be mean about telling them he’s not … which naturally contributes to the ‘he’s gay’ theory. The only people who are certain he’s not gay are the two girls who live on the 4th floor. Who happen to be lesbians. Watch as Mac tries to get Kimmy and Georgia to notarize a paper that declares ‘I’m not gay!’ Laugh as the lesbian’s cat, Na’Toth, tries to rip Mac’s arm off. In a shout out to many great shows, Kimmy and Georgia’s faces are never seen. Whatdya think? Maybe FOX or UPN will call me…