Miss Alli made me popular

I have a Tungsten W (aka T|W) and I am it’s bitch. After the harrowing upgrade (see Sept. 9 — Upgrades are never easy) I’ve had a few problems, like battery draining a wee bit faster and such. So I’m going to invest in a portable charger/hotsync tool, and charge as I need. Makes sense. I use it a fuck of a lot these days.

Anyway, as you can tell by yesterday’s entry, I’m communting a fuck more than I like to. But I’ve been making friends. I use Plucker to download webpages and convert them so I can read them later on my Palm. Clever, no? Since the TV season started, I pulled down a bunch of new recaps from TWoP and planned to read them on the trains.

Sunday while waiting for a movie to start, I read the Survivor recap by Miss Alli (say it Ally, not Ali) and giggled enough that Ipstenit asked me to read it aloud to her. I did and after the movie people asked me where they could read that.

Monday I read the 7th Heaven recap by SaraM, and giggled so much that people asked me what I was reading, and when I shared, they all wrote the URL down to read it themselves.

Tuesday, Metra Hell Day #1, I read AB Chao’s Everwood recap, and no one bothered me (I think that was becuase it was 7am and not that Chicago would despise Everwood). On the way home, I wrote.

Today I read Jake 2.0 on the way in (6am Brown Line), and the guy in front of me asked first about the T|W, and then how good the reception was. So I read Jake to him, and he agreed Alex Richmond was funny as all fuck.

But it was the Survivor recap that garnered me the most newly minted Train Buddies. I re-read it after I got on the Metra and … shocker, people asked about the T|W and the recap. As I read the recap aloud to the people, they all started to move out of their morning stupor and payed attention. I paused at key moments to ask who’d seen the show, and to explain what people looked like (NiCCole, for example, and her dress).

And lo, I was asked ‘will you be making this commute alot?’

I replied ‘No, only this week.’

A pity, for them, since they looked forlorn at the loss of their humorist. But for me, it’s an hour extra in the sack, and I love it already.

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