Hanging Chads

Vote early and vote often. But only if you're dead.

Woke up, got out of bed, ran downstairs to punch my chad.

It’s the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, which the FEC explains as being the day for voting, all across the United States of America. They have a whole shit load of reaons, all of which make sense but are a little amusing. After harvest, after holidays, allowing for travel, etc. But I was stuck thinking that we were expecting a snow storm in Chicago on Halloween, and if it’d happend, we’d still be hip deep in snow.

That’s a fun image. Frozen folks asking me if I’ve voted.

Oh, I did. 6:30 AM I was downstairs in my apartment building, voting. Go me. I always vote, since my grandmother told me to. That’s a lame ass reason, I know.

The real reason is that I firmly believe that if you don’t exercise your rights, they can and will be taken away. Women have only been able to vote for less than two hundred years, barely four generations, and if we don’t use that power, we will lose it.

This isn’t a big old ‘I don’t trust the government’ rant, becuase to a degree I do. I understand why it’s there, I understand most of the checks and ballances it’s established, and I agree with a lot of the tenets of Democracy. I also feel that the implimentation of this good idea could be better.

This isn’t just about the fact that I think Bush is an idiot. Hell, I think Gore’s a dimbulb as well. The fact is that we’ve had some pretty crappy presidents recently, and the flaws in the system are what is perpetuating them. Our forgein policies are hypocritical and ill maintained. We chastize nations for practices we, ourselves, engage in. We over legislate our populace to the point that people feel they can sue for everything.

Take smoking. Smoking is banned in my apartment complex. That’s an infringment of my rights. Now, I don’t smoke, but why shouldn’t I be able to? Because my neighbor doesn’t like it? Well then I won’t smoke is his apartment. If I smoke (and I did!), I would do it with an open window so as not to stench up my pad. But in winter that’s not possible, so I get a smelly, filthy apartment. Who pays in the end? Me. I lose my cleaning deposit and if I cause a fire, I get sued. By the way, get rentors insurance. It’s usefull.

Anyway, the point being, if I want to fuck myself up with a legal and approved drug, like alcohal or tobbacco, I should be able to. As for illegal drugs, I’m not entirely sure all of them should be illegal, but that’s a battle to fight one drug at a time. If the goverment made cocaine (as an example) legal, they’d make a killing in taxes. I’m just saying.

The whole gun issue is another weird bit. Do guns kill people or do people kill people? Well, people do. Guns just make it more efficient. I’m not against gun ownership, I’m against murder. If you murder someone, you suffer the appropriate punishment. Making guns buy to get won’t stop people from stealing them, buying them off the black market and so on. The problem isn’t the guns, it’s the people. If we educate people from day one about death and how it’s real and how it doesn’t get you anywhere, maybe we can make a start at ending the vicious cycle the USA is in. Maybe we should call up Canada and ask them why they don’t have a problem with it?

There are few easy answers, I don’t pretend to have any except this one: Vote.

You fucking well do count, so vote. If you don’t vote, shut the hell up and stop bitching. I voted. I earned my right to kvetch. I did by my part, not get off your lazy ass and be a part of the nation in which you reside, or move out. If you can’t be bothered to help us, why should we help you?

Now vote.

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