Comedy’s Test of Time

What I laugh at and what you laugh at are different. And that’s okay.

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A hand-held fan

Types of Fans

We’re all different, and that’s generally okay.

Seal photobombing penguins

You Hate Gay, And That’s Okay

Is it time to stick a fork in things when someone you are diametrically opposed to is in charge? I don’t know.


I hate the Internet

I hate it. I hate that I accidentally learned something I can’t unlearn and I feel horrible and guilty and I have to decide if I fess up and sound like a creep or not. I hate that parts of our lives that we don’t want to share end up all over, that our private […]


Ender’s Boycott

It’s not just as simple as saying “He hatez teh gayz, so I hatez him!” Oh, if only life was that easy.