How A 17-Year-Old Girl Won a Hackathon

“Babysteps are the key,” says Jennie. “I’ve attended five hackathons, but have only done one solo project. My first two hackathons, I didn’t do any work beyond the UI. Then, I worked with a friend with a similar knowledge on two hackathons, where I did about half the work. Finally, this weekend I ventured out […]

Stop watermarking

I Hate Watermelons

And per Perez, I will start throwing watermelons at you if you do.

All Hands Meeting

All Hands On Bowling

“Be irreverent and fun.” No wonder they hired me. 90 days at DreamHost, and I’m so damn happy. It’s not just the ping pong, either.


Three Percent

So the ebook holds solid at 3% sales. Which isn’t great. There’s room for improvement. So why did I do what I did and what will I do next?