Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Present The French Number System

France: ten France: twenty France: thirty France: forty France: fifty France: sixty France: … France: … France: sixty ten World: France what are you do— France: sixty eleven France: four twenties World: France, stop it France: four twenties ten World: France, that doesn’t even make any sense. France: … France: … France: … World: … […]

Glass Bottles

Before You Ask Why

I don’t drink at WordCamps. I don’t drink much at all, unless we’re talking coffee and water. This is for many reasons, some are personal and some are not. But I’ve noticed that, when I say ‘No thanks, I’m not drinking’ people ask why. Before you’re that person, before you ask someone why they don’t […]

The Vengeance of Renee Montoya


Did you know that the Marvel Universe actually has a villain called The Patriarchy?