Ipstenu Who?

Just as a reminder, this is my personal blog, where I wander afield and posit the unusual.

Who am I? I’m complicated. I’ve been on the net since the days of dedicated terminals and Novation CAT modems and solved Missionaries and Cannibals (or Goats and Cabbages) before I was six, and I really like WordPress.

Mika Epstein - photo by Amy HendrixI’m a woman (something people on the Internet seem to miss about 3/4ths of the time).

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m Mika A. Epstein, better known as Ipstenu.  I am a gamer-geek Jew who lives in the OC, works on computers, and has pets. I travel and blog about it, I’m a Libertarian/Green Party/ACLU supporting kind of person, who wants to live as green as I can. That’s why I have a hybrid.

Contacting Me


I know this shocks people, especially the masses who come here from WordPress.org’s forums, but I’m not. I volunteer help there because that’s how I got good at this stuff, it’s how I continue to learn, and I feel that it’s important to help people. This does not mean I don’t provide help with my plugins! Please read How to get help with my plugins.

Contacting Me

Still here? Okay.