A Winter Interlude

Game Master: So you’re walking down the street, minding your own business-

Player: No I’m not! I’m minding someone else’s!

GM: You know, that’s getting really old.

Player: Oh, fine, I’m minding my own business. What street?

GM: Harrison, the bridge, it’s about 4:30 or 5 O’Clock. Rush hour traffic, week after Christmas.

Player: Ugh, well it’s warmer so I’ve got on a sweater and my peacoat, open, wool scarf and watchcap.

GM: Hair?

Player: Ponytail wound up and tucked in the hat. Merrel slip-on shoes, thank you. The standard attire.

GM: You love those shoes.

Player: Can you blame me?

GM: *heh* No. Alright. December, blah blah, you’re walking home. What do you do?

Player: This is so a trick question. Ah, I turn down to cut past D’Angelo Park.

GM: The rape park?

Player: It’s probably closer to 4:45 than 5, which means there’s some light, and the new street lamps are up, so it’s safer. Besides, that was three years ago, and I have my pepper spray cause of the Wrigleyville Rape asshole.

GM: Wait, if you’re cutting past the park, aren’t you taking the Brown/Purple line?

Player: Yeah.

GM: And neither of those stop at Addison-

Player: Dude! You don’t think he might move around the area?

GM: Oh, okay, point. So you’ve cut past the park.

Player: Through the parking lot and past the Crocodile Lounge.

GM: I remember when rock was young!

Player: Me and Suzie had so much fun!

GM: *hee!* That’s a weird lounge.

Player: No shit. And I go on, past the corner store that played MmmmBop! every day for a month a couple summers ago-

GM: If you even dare get that song in my head-

Player: – and it was all MmmmBop!, bop-be-de, uuuu-whop!

GM: Aaaaaugh! You die! The end!

Player: *snigger* Okay, okay! And across the street, under the El, past the radio shack, the cheap sushi and-

GM: Roll perception.

Player: Ah, fuck. *rolls* Um, okay, 4 success levels.

GM: Hmm, okay, you notice, out of the corner of your eye, the aggressive begging lady, who is today outside Dunkin’ Donuts instead of the Stock Exchange.

Player: Ugh. How crowded is the street?

GM: Not a lot, it’s post Christmas, and everyone’s downtown for the sale, rather than in the Financial District.

Player: Fuckity.

GM: Still walking?

Player: Oh yeah, but doing that ‘She’s crazy, I don’t see her, I don’t hear her.’

GM: Black watchcap and blue scarf?

Player: Grey, thank you. The blue one is fleece.

GM: Well, she sees your bag and says “Button girl!”

Player: I ignore her. Damn, I only have two! The TAR button, and my Batman one. Batman. I love him.

GM: Today he mocks you. She calls out, “Batgirl!”

Player: Dude, ignoring.

GM: She’s gonna get pissed soon.

Player: Not when I have my +4 iPod shield of annoyance protection!

GM: … You didn’t declare it.

Player: It’s standard! I didn’t declare my bag, or which one it was, but you knew.

GM: I thought it broke or something.

Player: The new one came back the 20th, and I’ve been using it since the 21st. Loooooser!

GM: Yeah, yeah, she kills you, you die.

Player: The end.

GM: Actually, she mutters, “Damn dot-Communist kid!” at your back.

Player: La, la, la! Ignoring.

GM: You can’t hear her if the iPod is on.

Player: See? I win.

Both: The end!

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